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The Official Tennessee Distributor for SYNLAWN  Artificial Turf & faux greenery 

 Beautiful "Natural Looking " Artificial Ivy

Unique Landscaping Product

Quickie Green, introduces an exciting line of artificial ivy for vertical gardens and groundcover.   As the popularity and lure for vertical landscaping increases, especially in Tennessee, our artificial ivy panels allow homeowners and designers the opportunity to transform common wall surfaces into sustainably lush, three dimensional works of art; hassle free and within days not years.


Quickie Green introduces EasyGrass Block.  A versatile green product from the makers of EasyGrass. Made and assembled in the USA, EasyGrass Block is a recyclable, outdoor solution ideal for .... Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Roof Tops, Swells, Parks, Boat Yards, Medians and more.

Quickie Green in cooperation with Easy Grass LLC, a leading provider and installer of natural looking artificial grass for commercial and residential landscapes, introduces an exciting line of artificial ivy  for vertical gardens,  wood fencing, stone or brick walls  and ground cover. Artificial ivy is ideal for interior or exterior vertical surfaces, an appealing solution for graffiti prone walls, unsightly utility boxes, office lobby d├ęcor, restaurant makeovers,  exterior fence cover ups, or as groundcover for flat or sloped surfaces. 

Manufactured using the highest quality commercial grade polyethylene blend material, and protected against damaging UV rays from the sun, our artificial ivy and greenery choices are realistic reproductions and come in a variety of styles, color tones with variegated leaves and stems and will provide years of weather resistant, drought tolerant aesthetic charm.